Just how much can the DH servers dish out?

Hello, Im curious about DH, and the packages look awesome…

Just curious to how fast DH can dish out all that bandwidth they offer in the packages?

Like if a website I made started getting huge amounts of hits, and users downloading media etc… can the servers take it? how much can they take?

Say a website made it to the front of digg.com? and suddenly got a huge amount of hits… … anyways you get the point…

There are far too many variables involved in the questions that you asked to provide a reliable answer, given the information you provided. In order to even guess, we would need to know:

Is the site static or dynamic?
If Dynamic, how efficiently is it coded?
HTML, PHP, perl?
MySQL, and how efficiently is it coded?
With or without fastcgi?
Are apache re-write rules being used?
Graphics/Flash intensive?
(and so on, these are just a few of the questions…)

“The point” is how any site will perform in such a circumstance depends on the answer to many of the above questions (as well as others), and what you consider to be a “hugh amount” of hits.

There have been Dreamhosted sites that survive slashdot, and digg, reasonably well, and there have been others that go “paws up”. This is a classic “YMMV” question.

Bottom line - these are shared servers and, as such, share resources between a large number of users. If you are planning for that level of traffic, on a consistent basis, you should seriously consider whether a dedicated server would be more appropriate.

That is not to say you might not be fine, and Dreamhost has stated they they will try to work with you to “weather” such temporary bursts of load (by a short-term move to a different server, etc. as appropriate for the circumstances), but you need to realize the inherent limitations and capabilities of shared servers. If your site brings a shared server to it’s knees, you can expect for everyone on that server to be negatively impacted (which, or course, includes you!) :wink:


Some are static pages… like the home index.html probably will be… but eventually would be php…

phpbb forum, maybe blog hosting… not that graphics heavy main site… and probably no flash.
and some Media, xvid, wmv… the typical podcasting formats…

Not really sure on the amount of usage though…

This project, Im probably not that worried about… but 6 years or so down the track… I may have finished an idea for a project… which would be very heavy usage…

would need muiltible dedicated servers… probably on different continents :slight_smile: and remote access to the servers

you need something special to beat the likes of youtube and google…

but I wont give away too much about the project :wink:

Dreamhost has some big pipes ;-). A highly regarded friend in California has asserted that he has downloaded from my ftp server at multiple MB/s. The highest I’ve seen is 800KB/s from a work machine, and about 400KB/s from home. I presume these are limited by my connection speed.

The hardest thing to deal with, if you’re trying to go big on the codebase you’re developing now, is scalability of the code you’re writing. Take it from someone who has been tasked with retrofitting i18n onto an app designed for one server. There were other issues including supporting sessions across servers, etc. It took a long time to get it right, and a concerted effort of several people.

You mentioned phpbb forums, among other things. That won’t scale across multiple servers. Dreamhost is located in one physical location too. They’re not big enough to help you with servers in other countries.

If you’re looking at high capacity dedicated servers, your original question doesn’t really apply. You’ll only be limited by the bandwidth capabilities. Since you see this as a potential in the fairly distant future, maybe you should focus on feasibility of a migration path. Sites built to run on Dreamhost shared servers can be migrated to enterprise hosting when you make the big time.


Forums can be very heavy for a server when they get busy. Even optimized… shared hosting is almost impossible for a big forum. Even a VPS…

I think Vbulletin allows multiple servers, one for the pages, and another for the sql, and so on, but you must double check.

CPU and memory usage is more important than bandwith.

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Affiliate7, you’re correct with respect to the shared hosting/single web server scenario you’re describing, but that’s not what I was talking about based on this:

In the case of a truly scalable implementation, you can utilize additional servers if one gets maxed out. You’re not able to bump up the throughput of DH’s connection to the Internet backbone though. Unlimited resources serving through an inadequate connection is deadly.

Plus, in a bizarre coincidence, my friend from California contacted me today…


I would say DH is very good in speed as far as simple file transfers, if you dont need something which is CPU intensive it should be fine. Pangea33’s friend probably gets good speed because he is in California, where DH servers are located, but even from a dedicated server I have in Chicago on cogentco (cheap bandwidth), I was able to get this:

root@box:/# wget http://www.houkouonchi.net/vp2290b/vp2290b-3007wfp-comparosin.avi
–22:12:05-- http://www.houkouonchi.net/vp2290b/vp2290b-3007wfp-comparosin.avi
=> `vp2290b-3007wfp-comparosin.avi’
Resolving www.houkouonchi.net…
Connecting to www.houkouonchi.net||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 52,234,848 (50M) [video/x-msvideo]

100%[==============================================================>] 52,234,848 933.06K/s ETA 00:00

22:13:15 (961.25 KB/s) - `vp2290b-3007wfp-comparosin.avi’ saved [52234848/52234848]

The servers can dish out alot depending on the time of day and number of connections and your location.
Dreamhost is under a single T3 line(dont ask me how I got it but I know) so the max is 44mbitsps or 5500kbytesps but its shared among every server

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yeah the thing with phpbb wont need heeps of servers… that was for project a bit later on…

That is the best put-down I’ve read in quite a while, I must remember that for future use :slight_smile:


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The DreamHost Wiki says the following about their connectivity;

[color=#0000CC]“DreamHost is currently connected to the Internet via 8 redundant Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mbps) connections to different carriers to ensure continued network connectivity in case any one (or more) carrier(s) goes down. As of April, 2006, we have connections to Level3, Global Crossing, and Internap.”[/color]


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