Just getting a basic site working

I have a basic website working with dreamweaver on my local machine. I can preview the site locally in a browser. I have successfully connected to my dreamhost ftp server and I have successfully pushed all the files I need to the dreamhost ftp server. However, the website on the dreamhost side doesn’t work. I just need to get the site working, so I can make incremental progress from there. Can anyone help?

Hello @Pres,

Where exactly is Dreamweaver pushing the files?

Are you able to access the page once uploaded? If so, is the issue dealing with internal links and items such as css stylesheets?

When you say basic site, I’m taking it as a static site or custom dynamic site and not a WordPress site. Is that correct?

Do you have any error messages when attempting to view the page?

Thank you for the support.

It actually works now. Maybe there was a delay between file transfer and the site working. I’m not sure.

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