Just general problems

I can’t log in to my ftp server to upload my site. This is driving me nutz. Any one at dreamhost… can we IM or email to get this working right?

I have been all through the panel, and changed the password a kajillion times… still nothing.

Also… do you allow crazy domain insane domains to install their own cgi apps like UBB or anything?

This is a good instance of somewhere you should contact support. While Dreamhost employees do drop in here once in a while, if you have a specific problem which you would like to get resolved, an email / message to support (with as many specifics as you can offer) would most likely be the quickest way to get your questions resolved. You may also want to search the kbase if you haven’t already.

The kbase is at:

I’ll just jump in here too and add that no, Crazy Domain Insane doesn’t allow you to install your own CGI scripts. That’s what Sweet Dreams and higher are for…


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