Just don't get it

I just don’t get it. I don’t get how to use dreamhost, I find the wiki very unhelpful, I don’t even understand where to start. I don’t get the language, I am completely lost. I am a dreamweaver user by trait, but know I need to switch to CMS because of the needs of my clients. Is there anywhere else on the internet I can get a Start Guide to get going? I am so completely frustrated. I have been trying to click around and install, but then I get error messages. I was somehow able to download Joomla, but I couldn’t even tell you how I did that. I don’t even think I have my directories named right!! Is there anyone out there who can put it in plain language for me?

This wiki page is quite comprehensive. If you still need help, post back in this thread again.

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If you’re new to CMS, you should start with WordPress. It’s basic and primarily meant for blogging, but it shares a lot of characteristics with advanced, complex CMS’es like Joomla!

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Don’t get frustrated. Read and play. With unlimited subdomains available, use the “one-click” installs to put up a test place to play in. Worst case, delete the DB, delete the directory (or delete it through the web panel) and try again.

Just goof off and play with it. It’s a lot more fun when it’s play, but I certainly understand the need to get work done at some point.

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We could help better if you report the error messages you receive. That way we could get some idea of what you are doing. :wink:

You mentioned that you “downloaded” Joomla!; I can see how that could be confusing if you are new to this kind of stuff. Joomla, like WordPress suggested by lensman, does not need to be downloaded (then uploaded and installed) at all on DreamHost - use the Control Panel’s “Goodies - One-Click Install” Robot to “automagically” install these programs so you can explore.

I agree with lensman that WordPress would be a good starting place, as Joomla can be a good deal more difficult to get your head around (though it is arguably more powerful).

Wholly has the right idea too - take it a step at a time and explore, or seek some “one on one” help from someone who understands what you currently know and can help you over the initial “humps”.