Just bought now account disabled?

Hey i just bought $119 of hosting year upfront from credit card.

A few seconds later my account is disabled
What is going on?

No support got back to my ticket and this is terrible.

I hope we can resolve this cause i run a hosting review site and i was just about to give a good review on DH, because of the cheap deal i noticed.

Hope this can be resolved.
Any help appreciated

David Harrison
HaRRo Inc

If you just signed up, the account isn’t always active right away. Some accounts seem to get flagged for a manual approval or something and they can take awhile to go through.

Especially given that they are probably getting slammed with new signups and such with the space/bandwidth change. Give it a little time.

Yes but first it was account pending but when i paid it said disabled. Is this normal?

It would be my guess that for some reason the automated system believed you to be a false sign up. Not sure why, and it’s just a guess.

Anywho, Give support about 24 hours or so to get back to you, and I think they’ll be able to clear things up. Support may not be lightning fast, but they’ll reply with a helpful answer.


arite thanks just dont want to be charged for it as its my step mums credit card and ive paid her cash :slight_smile:

So if it gets refunded and i use paypal she wont gimme it back haha

Have you checked to see if the money has been debited from your credit card?

In the past I have seen credit card transactions denied for no apparent reason. Re-submitting the request usually resolves the problem.


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Yes its been taken out already i dont see why they cant show ACCOUNT PENDING,

why is it say disabled this would worry a lot of new customers

My guess, since you said the credit card belonged to someone else, that’s probably what made the system flag your account. This post from DH’s blog might shed some light on things: http://blog.dreamhost.com/2005/08/23/its-a-fraud-fraud-fraud-fraud-world/

Yes but will i

a) be able to use this account when they read my support ticket

b) they can phone me or the card owner for verification

c) fax of identification (just a hassle)

any of these or since they already billed the card if they reverse i can use paypal under my name.

Its been 18 hours and my support ticket has 0 replies :S