Just bought a new account

Well actually this account was closed/unused for a long time, then I just re-activated, and made a payment. And setup long term plans, as I want to use this for my wordpress site.

But when I go to the panel, all options are disabled.

I see no option to install anything, or ftp info.

I go to billing area, and I can see the payment I made, but no indication if it’s accepted.

All the manage tools are disabled.

No indication of any problem, just cant’ do anything.

If it’s just that you haven’t received my payment, but there should be some indicator on the home page of the panel.

“Pardon us, we have not received your payment, so you are not active yet”

Instead nothing, so I have no idea what I have done wrong, because I need to transfer a wp site, and get working.

Thank you.

This is a forum for users to help other users and not DH support. You should be able to contact support through the panel


unfortunately what i get is a page that show’s me I owe, $0 dollars, the ability to rename or close my account and that’s it.

I see no links to support, other than the wiki, or the forums.

Did i set up my account wrong?

if the support link is not showing up in your panel, then use the contact form here: http://dreamhost.com/contact/ to reach support.