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I didn’t see a section for introducing myself so I thought this would be an okay place to do that. I have had my blog (which is down at the moment) up on GoDaddy for a while, but they are such little schemers that I am investigating where to go next. This forum seems like it can provide a lot of assistance in that area.


I think Dreamhost is a pretty cool guy. Eh is unlimited (plus 50GB) and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Jump on over! :wink:


Stay far far away! Just look around the forum and read some of the posts. I would recommend any other host before Dreamhost, and I host with them right now but I cannot wait to get away.


It’s also a vocal minority. DH has how many hundreds of thousands of customers? If they were really that bad, how could they keep them all, especially when webhosting is becoming more of a commodity or utility with little distinction between them. Of course, with that many customers, they are bound to screw up sometimes, and those people on the other end have every right to complain about it.

Personally, the number of complaints compared to the size of the user base seems reasonable to me. I wonder if there’s an easy way to compare complaints as a percentage of total users…

A very unscientific experiment would be to compare google counts for Dreamhost sucks and Godaddy sucks
DH sucks: 194,000
GD sucks: 1,120,000

Does Godaddy have more than 5x the number of DH customers? In 2009, DH had 200,000 customers according to http://wiki.dreamhost.com/116_Common_Questions. I wonder how many hosting customers GD had around the same time…


The only reason dreamhost has so many people using their service is because of affiliates saying how great they are just to make some money.

Reasons I would stay away from dreamhost:

  1. Once you get a little bit of traffic they basically make you move to a VPS. With only 5,000 visitors a month on a Joomla website I had to move because my website kept getting 500 internal errors everywhere due to over using my “unlimited” bandwidth. Then I was told I would have to move to VPS for $15 additional a month which isn’t even really a true VPS.

  2. I have been using pingdom service to compare my uptime between dreamhost and some other websites I have hosting elsewhere. Over the past 3 months that I have been monitoring it, dreamhost has had more downtime by far and has had slower responses by around 50%.

  3. Friday I found out that my website has been injected with a virus from when dreamhost was attacked last month. After sending 4 emails over the past 48 hours I have yet to get any help or response. So right before the weekend when my website receives the bulk of the weeks traffic, around 5k visitors my website is offline. Thanks Dreamhost!

  4. Their chat is constantly down whenever you need to get help and they don’t have any phone number to be able to call. For the past 48 hours I have been trying to resolve a problem with one of my websites which was originally caused by dreamhost and I cannot get any help whatsoever. The only response I have gotten is “Unfortunately, chat isn’t available at the moment due to a huge support load we have right now. We’re working on reducing that as much as we can and as fast as we can so we can re-enable chat.” Thanks again Dreamhost!

Dreamhost may have a larger customer base then it used to, but that is probably mostly due to people promoting them to make money through affiliate links. Go check reviews of people saying how great dreamhost is and then check whoishostingthis.com and see if they are actually using dreamhost. I haven’t found anyone that recommends them with an affiliate link that actually is using their hosting. For most people, once they sign up for dreamhost they probably don’t even pay attention to their website to see how often their website is down or has issues caused by dreamhost. If they did, dreamhost would probably have a lot more complaints and people jumping ship.

The only thing I would say dreamhost is good for is their management area. Beyond that, I would recommend staying far far away. The most important thing I would recommend to anybody that is looking for hosting is to make sure they have 24/7 phone support. Otherwise when you do have an issue, good luck getting any help. Thanks again Dreamhost!


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