Just a little FTP help

ok so i bought this program called coda, and i’m trying to set everything up, but i just can’t figure this out…

my website is bakerster.com, theres nothing there, but in the prefrences of this website building app it says what my remote remote root is… and the default text they have there is

“/www/domain/” - What do i put there if my domain is bakerster.com… and im also of the fiat server if you guys need that info too…

thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

try /home/username/bakerster.com/

Heh, I just made this same mistake last week before I was courteously corrected!

Apparently your ftp root is your home directory so you would enter /bakerster.com/ instead of the full path from root.

This is if you’re using FTP. If you’re using SFTP, you specify the full path from root as you said, weber!

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