Just 4 Questions

I’ve narrowed my choices down to DreamHost (because I enjoy the offbeat newsletter sent each month) and HostGator (which I’m leaning towards).

1 - Hostgator has a website builder application. Does DreamHost have anything similar? I can’t find it.

2 - Is there a tutorial somewhere for getting started? I know how to build sites using GoDaddy or CityMaker, but I really need to be able to go to the next level and have subdomains and be able to upload HTML pages. (I realize that uploading HTML pages conflicts with the website builder, but I need a home page and a couple of other “get excited about us” pages, then each of our clients will have a single subdomain page.)

3 - I’m guessing that having a vBulletin or MyBB forum would not be an issue at all. Correct?

4 - Shopping cart. At some point we will be selling subscriptions. Does DreamHost have a shopping cart available or do we buy something and install it here?

1 - dreamhost has one click installs. http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Category:One_Click_Installs (when you later get to the stage of actually doing a one-click remember to pick custom and not simple… neither is harder to install, the difference later is with ‘simple’ you have no access to the files to install additional themes and plugins.

2 - you can do everything you mentioned on dreamhost. browse the wiki from the top page http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Main_Page which will lead you into getting started… You get a 2 week free trial and a 97 day money back guarantee (watch how you pay tho, there are restrictions on the money back guarantee depending on payment method.) If you want $97 off your first year use the coupon code ‘TAKE97NOW’ :wink: and it leaves you with a first year balance of like 12.45 and you get a free domain registration. (and continue to get one free registration per year, but the rate after the first year won’t have $97.00 taken off :slight_smile: )

3 - phpBB is the only forum i see available via one-click. You should also have no problem installing your own copy of vBulliten or MyBB.

4 - one click install shopping cart is ZenCart, dreamhost also has a partner called Cafe Commerce https://www.cafecommerce.com/

  1. Not built in, but there are a few applications you can install, such as Concrete5, that will work pretty well as a site builder.

  2. There’s some information on http://wiki.dreamhost.com/. If that doesn’t do it, check around for tutorials online — our setup isn’t exactly the same as some other hosts, but it’s similar enough that most instructions you find should be generally applicable.

  3. None at all. Just note that you’d have to pay Jelsoft for vBulletin — it’s not free software. (MyBB is free, though.)

  4. We have a partnership with WebAssist for the “CafeCommerce” shopping cart software. You’re also free to install your own if Cafecommerce doesn’t do it for you.

Well I chose DreamHost. One of the tipping points? My “Dreamling” status under my name. I like the irreverent attitude that this company takes.

LakeRat, it never offered me a place to put in a coupon code, it just told me it would be $50 something.

Wish me luck as I dive in.

Welcome onboard!

That’s something I like too… and there’s no picture of a bimbo with a headphone on their support page… and all the answers I get from support are from people that actually know what they are talking about… I could go on… in short welcome, I hope you’ll like it here as much as I do!