Does anyone here use junkemailfilter.com ? The DH junk mail filter may be too aggressive, and I am considering trying junkemailfilter. Any feedback is appreciated!

I do believe that is the first time I’ve ever heard DH’s SpamAssasin filter described as being “roo agressive” - most users here seem to feel is is not agressive enough :wink: .

I forward my mails to gmail (you can also use google for domain http://www.google.com/a ).
Their smap filter is one of the best (and i don’t talk about their webmail).

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Yes, the gmail filter is pretty good. I have many different domain and users to worried about, that’s why I was looking at “external” solutions. I have not looked at the SA setup at DH for a while, perhaps I can set that one again and see if it is too or not enough aggressive.