Junk/spam mail problem

Hello Guyes,
My website is hosted in dreamhost & we are using their mail server also. But, every day we are receiving lots of junk/spam email though junk filter is enabled!!!

Domain-wide Settings for abc.com

this is my settings (instructed by dreamhost team):
0 whitelisted addresses. 0 blacklisted addresses.
Tag as Spam above: 5 spam score.
Quarantine above: 1 spam score.
Send Quarantined Report: Never.
All quarantined spam is deleted after 35 days.

How to stop!!!

I’d recommend you look into switching to using GMail for your domain (I’m surprised DreamHost tech support hasn’t already suggested this, since it is their preferred email setup now).

I use GMail to handle my domain email, and I receive about 1 un-filtered spam per week (and maybe one false-positive every 2 weeks, but so far only on mailing list traffic). My email address is posted publicly, and I use catch-all email for the domain. My spam mailbox grows by about 60 spams a day (presumably my domain actually receives many more spams - only borderline spam messages are held in the spam mailbox for review.)

You could probably test with GMail by forwarding one of your address to a free GMail account. Once you are satisfied, you could switch your whole domain to GMail (which has a limited, but free, domain service).

I’ve set my personal limits to 2 and 2, but others to 3 and 3. Some really lame “forwards” get tagged as false positives, but those numbers generally work for me. Those false positives tend to be the chain letter type stupid stuff some people love to forward on, so I whitelisted those people.


Is this a new problem, or something that you’ve seen for more than the past week or so?

I ask, because something went screwy with DreamHost last week (see innumerable comments on the past half-dozen posts to the DreamHost Emergency Status page), and ever since, the spam filter has been Incredibly Wonky for my domains – some whitelisted addresses are being routed to webmail’s Junkmail folder, some obvious spam is being sent to the Inbox, etc.

Prior to The Great Kablooey (sometime last Wednesday night), the spam filter was working like a champ for my domains.

This is not a new problem, it’s happaning from 7/8 months. And sometimes the junk filter catch my whitlist email & surprisingly few emails from a specific address just vanished!!!
Means, I m frequently receving emails from a@a.com, but suddenly 1/2 emails not come in the inbox from that address!!!
I don’t know whats the reason.