Junk mail watcher


Hi Guyes,
We r getting emails from “Junk mail watcher” every day. It’s very bothering for alll the employee But we don’t want to get any email from “Junk mail watcher”.

So, How can I disable to get emails from “junk mail watcher”?

Some times emails receiving process in “web maill” transection is very slow. It’s happening some times, not continuously. what kind of problem is that?


I like having the Junk Mail Watcher sent on a daily basis becuase a couple of emails end up in there by accident and it gives a summary of what’s gone into the junk mail (which you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of if you do not check your webmail every day).

Having said that if you want to get rid of it you need to go into each webmail account and go to Spam Assassin Configuration.

Set “How often should you receive quarantine reports?” to Never, or maybe you might want to turn it down to weekly or monthly just in case people forget to check their webmail daily.

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