Junk mail settings and forwarding



I have a lot of forwarding within my domains (that is, I may be mariano@, absatz@, mariano.absatz@ and baby@, however, all of them point to one of them, say baby@).

I noticed that some flagrant spam was gladly passing thru and not beeing quarantined although I have the settings so that spam is quarantined at a 4 score in the actual mailbox… I read http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Junk_Mail#How_Junk_Mail_works_on_primary_addresses_and_forwards and it says that all forwarding addresses (that don’t also get forwarded outside) inherit the actual mailbox spam settings…

After closer examination I noticed this:

I had forwarding set as:

mariano@mydomain.com mariano.absatz@mydomain.com absatz@mydomain.com mariano.absatz@mydomain.com mariano.absatz@mydomain.com baby@mydomain.com So this is something like

mariano@mydomain.com absatz@mydomain.com

| |
| |



baby@mydomain.com (actual mailbox)

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Now, back to the point, wenever I got a mail to either baby@mydomain.com or mariano.absatz@mydomain.com, it got the right junk filter settings (tagged_above=-999 required=4), but messages to mariano@mydomain.com or absatz@mydomain.com (2 forwardings away from the actual mailbox) got the default (wrong) junk filter settings (tagged_above=-999 required=999).

Is this a bug? or a feature?

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