Junk Mail Filtering Delays

Delays are a problem as others have indicated with mail forwarding. In our case, Dreamhost hosts our mail server directly. We’ve been experiencing unacceptable delays, sometimes 4-6 hours for weeks. We’ve disabled our junk mail filter, but there’s been no improvement, and apparently junk mail is still being filtered.

We can’t continue operating our business this way indefinitely…does anyone have a sense whether dreamhost can solve this, or is it time to find another hosting service?

I got tired of waiting for Dreamhost to come up with a permanent fix for their email server issues. So this past weekend I migrated our company over to Google Apps. We only have 12 users but it was still a big job to ensure that all emails did get migrated. I was able to get it all done by start of business on Monday. Our employees are loving how quick their get their emails now. Using the gmail app on their iPhones allows them to be notified as soon as they receive a new email.

I should have went with Google Apps from the start. Lesson learned.

I am looking into going with Google Apps as well. Were you able to migrate all of the emails from the inbox/sent/etc. from each account into Google Apps? If so, can you give a brief description as to how to do it? Thanks!

Here is what I did.

  1. Created account in Google Apps for each of my users.
  2. I used the Migration tool in Google apps to move the email messages. You’ll need to determine how far back you want to migrate messages from. You will also need to know what Dreamhost email cluster you are currently on. This link should help get you started: https://support.google.com/a/answer/6244545?hl=en&ref_topic=6245217

Google apps and zoho mail are your friend. Or roll your own mail server with a cloud instance.

Hi there,
I am also pulling out my hair while waiting for emails and biting my nails when seeing the ‘disconnected from server’ status in my mail client (have hardly anything left to bite).

Does anyone have other suggestions than Gmail, Zoho or self-hosted in the cloud?
Found a few options, but more suggestions are still welcome.

(all prices with custom domain)

Google apps is seriously overpriced but what is wrong with free zoho?

I recall a couple of years ago thinking zoho was lacking various important features but when I looked again yesterday it seemed much improved.

For example it now has catch-all, and scripted use of SMTP can now deposit a copy of the sent email in ‘sent’.

Main limitation is 5GB per user, 25 users, 1 domain per free account.

If anyone knows of any serious shortcomings I’d appreciate it if they could say.

There do seem to be some points of fragility. For example, if an auto-forward fails 10 times running, the auto-forward is disabled.

And who knows if the spam filter is any good?

But I think it’s worth mentioning that apparently one can turn off the spam filter altogether (which is something one cannot do in google apps).

Now I’ve investigated zoho a bit more and I think it has many plusses and some minuses, but there is a major problem

(for people who are refugees from google apps, or for people who have a recurring nightmare that google might find a not-too-obviously-evil way of ‘persuading’ their legacy free account holders to abandon their accounts).

The problem is (zoho blog, 24th November 2015):


That seems to be clearly saying that only individual accounts of the form ‘myname@zoho.com’ are guaranteed to stay free. They could at some point start charging for custom-domain accounts, just like google did with google apps.

How is Google Apps on via Dreamhost? I’m extremely curious and appreciate any honest review. I recommended their VPS to my client, but at this point extremely concerned that I made a horrible decision. I can’t get subdomains to work and it takes them several hours to respond to tickets and it’s usually just an automated response, that requires your to reply and wait several more hours to a day. My client has Google apps, but this point I’m worried that Dreamhost can’t get the MX setup correctly or even have support available if it’s not working. They are brick and mortar business and can’t have any problems with email.

Changing the MX records was the painless part of the migration. All you have to do is go to your DreamHost panel, click on Domains, Manage domains, then under the domain you want to change, click on edit. On the next screen scroll down to Google services and click the the check box. Then click the Change Settings button and wait at least 4 hours. Then send an email from outside your domain to an address inside your domain to make sure its working properly.

Once you change the MX records the only aspect that Dreamhost can affect is the DNS. All the emails are then hosted at Google Apps.

Zoho does not know how to do mail forwarding. We have been arguing with them for months now. If your email server IP happens to be shared with a spammer, you are SOL. Google will graylist that IP and your mail cannot be forwarded to Google. This has happened to us with different forward-to domains (Google, Dreamhost, Bluehost, Hostgator). We will be moving our email to RackSpace Mail this weekend. Slightly cheaper than Google Apps. And RackSpace’s support is phenomenal. Everyone support person you talk to knows what they are doing and can help you without following a flowchart of questions to ask. And I’ve yet to have the need to bump up to a higher level person.