Junk filtering without webmail


I only have a single ssh user account and multiple mxxxxx email aliases. What’s the best approach to spam filter all of them ?

Dreamhost’s junk filter works, though not as thoroughly as my previous host’s SpamAssassin. The problem is that I don’t want to have webmail and all these subdomains / login screens (webmail, mailboxes) activated.

If I install SA in my home directory, is it possible to use to filter all mailboxes, including mxxxx ?
What will happen if I enable DH Junk Filter, configure it using webmail settings and finally disable webmail subdomain ? I wonder if junk filter will retain settings even after wm has been disabled.

Any ideas?


If you have all these mXXXXXX mailboxes, you already have webmail.yourdomain.com and mailboxes.yourdomain.com activated. You can’t disable these subdomains because they’re a permanent DNS record.

I think that installing SA in your home directory will only apply to your real users who don’t use the mXXXXXX username.

I use SA on all my mailboxes by enabling it for my domain and the configuring it for each mailbox using the options menu in mailboxes.mydomain.com



Webmail subdomain can be disabled using panel’s option “Disable Webmail altogether”.
The question is if junk filter settings are still in use after disabling webmail. I could try that myself, but I hate to wait for hours after changing subdomain settings.


Learned something new today. Hmmm…Disable Webmail Altogether. Hadn’t noticed that one.

I don’t see why Junkmail filtering would be removed if you’re not using Webmail. Webmail’s just an IMAP frontend to your mail acccount. You can disable webmail and see if incoming mail still has the Spam Assassin headers.



I will test it myself soon, I wonder if Dreamhost’s junk filter retains settings (configured from inside Squirelmail) after disabling webmail.
Thanks for help Scott,



Your SA headings should show the threshold you’ve set to block spam in the Score section, such as Score: 3.1 Needed: 5.0
I think 5.0 is default, so you can use ‘mailboxes’ to change the needed score to 6 or something else unique.



Thanks Scott, I’ll give it a try right now