Junk filter not removing email from quarantine

the junk filter is no longer automatically removing emails from the quarantine. it stop working in the last month. i’ve logged in to update my junk filter settings but nothing seems to work. the only way to remove email from the quarantine is to log into the webmail and manually delete them. i had it set to remove after 7 days, changed it to 5 days, then to three days and it’s not working. there is junk mail sitting there dating back to the 14th which is the last time i manually removed mail. if i hadn’t removed the mail my quarantine would be dating back to around march 20th which is i think the last time it was working correctly.

i just sent a support ticket to DH. anyone else having problems with the junk filter not removing emails?

Yes, I have mail in my junkmail folder dating from 4/13 and I have the filter set to remove after 7 days. I have seen this happen a couple of times before and I assume some one needs to kick the filter machine.


this issue is still happening. i’ve reported it to dreamhost THREE times over the past 3-4 months and the only response i have ever received was “we’ll pass this along to the right people to look into this”…

yeah well i guess you need to pass the message to someone else because my junk mail is STILL NOT automatically being removed from quarantine. i would think dreamhost would care about this considering there are literally THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of junk mail sitting in quarantine on their servers.

On a sort of related note, does anyone have a problem with junkmail preferences getting reset consistently, or is it just something weird with my account? And has anyone had luck turning off quarantining / tagging entirely? I set both to 999, but the quarantine level keeps getting reset to 4.

I and a few others had this happen back in May. See this thread. I haven’t had any problem since then.


This was happening for awhile but has been fixed. I just checked one of my mailboxes and the quarantine folder is correctly being cleared out. We’re looking to see if something specific is weird with your mailbox.

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