Junk email settings

I’m setting up sitewide junk settings for the first time - I find the instructions unclear and it’s hard to see what’s working or isn’t.

I’ve activated the junk filter and have tried it both with an IMAP folder specified and with that field left blank. So far, in neither case am I seeing results. The ‘spam’ header is not

I guess the first thing I’m looking for is the foolproof SOP - do I need to set sitewide settings and then also set per-user settings? What’s the most effective way for these settings to be configured to get an effective result (but still be able to recover false positives)?

In addition to checking the spam filter box, you also have to make sure your MX records are updated if your DNS is not at Dreamhost.

Then, according to my chat with support about this a while back, it will probably take a few days until you start seeing the x-spam headers in your mail.