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So far I’ve been extremely dissapointed. I bought hosting with dreamhost on the back of a friends recommendation whos had an account since 2006 2 days ago. Instantly there were MySQL problems which (although specific to my site being Joomla based) meant I couldnt do anything with my hosting. I submitted a support ticket and waited. Let me stress, it was only the MySQL server so if I was less reliant on it the hosting would have been suitable.

A couple of other people posted in the General Troubleshooting forum on the same web server and MySQL server as me, with the same problems and open tickets.

22 Hours later we get a response saying it had been fixed - the site now worked perfectly… for about an hour. In the middle of configuring my site it went down again - completely down. I came over and posted in the same topic I made before, low and behold the same problem for the other person. Half expecting them to have noticed the fact the sites on the server they had just been toying with had gone offline, I resubmitted a ticket and went to bed on the back of a wasted sunday.

Just got back out of bed and my website is still down - completely down.

I understand the fact you’ve had promotional coupons, and new servers with new members trying to load all sorts of things can cause problems and slow down - but I believe as a company you should be able to understand your limits and manage the influx, instead of taking such a haphazard approach as ‘sell now, deal with all problems later - sometimes much later’.

Will I stick with dreamhost? Yes, I know that once the server settles down the hosting should be pretty much smooth sailing. That doesnt make it any less frustrating that I’ve had wasted time though - and woken up for the second morning of having my hosting with an unusable website.

Bottomline is if you have a website with any sort of urgency or customer base, dont switch to dreamhost as theres a chance you will endure a lot of problems and downtime at the moment.

An just as a side note - I don’t see myself as a normal ‘whiny’ type customer, this is the first time I’ve ever been frustrated enough to post a negative thread, its just not how I usually am so apologies. I’d just like to be able to get on with things.


Yeah, I can sympathise with your frustration (we’ve all been there at one host or another!).

I didn’t have the same problems you speak of when signing up here at Dreamhost, but I woulda been quite perturbed to have a weekend go down the tubes. Glad to hear you’re going to try ride the storm until things settle, and I hope your server gets well soon!

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Sorry to hear your frustration. I’ve been there with other hosts, luckily I haven’t quite experienced here. Although, I won’t rule it out.

I truly believe if you have a history with other hosts, once things calm down you will notice how DH exceeds expectations in most cases.

Best of Luck!

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