ok, so dedicated server is finally setup. i have my site running perfect on a european server and want to bring it over to the USA, so i got dreamhost. Now i transferred all my files and made correct changes to mysql db settings etc… all working nicely…

only thing left is the facebook connect button to make it work. as far as i know this requires the server to have json installed.

When i click it now; i get a fatal error, so im wondering if json is installed and if not; how to go about it with dreamhost. Surely its got to be either installed or have instructions how to do it as many sites use facebook app, connect or other plugins.

Thnx in advance.[hr]
just for those people with same problem, i found out a little more in meantime.

php info file says:

json support enabled
json version 1.2.1

so seems its enabled as default and problem must be something else :slight_smile: