JSON perl modules


I noticed that perl modules for JSON <-> Perl conversion are not installed on the DH servers. Could this please be enabled - I’m specifically looking to use JSON::XS

Please don’t double-post.

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Sorry about that - I really should only have posted to Curious About Dreamhost forum in the first place.

This is a customer-to-customer forum.

We can not enable anything for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you require certain features, you may want to check with DH support via contact form

Good luck!

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Make a decision about which thread you want to keep alive and refer everyone from one thread to the other. At this rate you’re going to get everyone confused between the two active, open threads. (And this is one of the reasons it’s bad to cross-post)

But you haven’t answered my question from the other thread, which is whether you have a hosting account already and just want to have an additional perl module installed or whether you think this module should become part of the default installation for DreamHost.

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