JSON perl modules


I noticed that perl modules for JSON <-> Perl conversion are not installed on the DH servers. Could this please be enabled - I’m specifically looking to use JSON::XS

Do you have a hosting account already and are you requesting this for your server or are you making a general request for the default DreamHost server configuration?

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I have had mixed success over the years with requests for DreamHost to install a perl module “on request”. THey have done it on some occasions, but have declined on others.

Their policy of only installing modules that do not appear to introduce any degree of instability to the shared server is, IMO, a good one!

That said, you can always install modules yourself for your own use, which I have done before, and it seems to work well. :wink:


Thanks rlparker,

I think I will try that.


Hi Lensman,

I have a hosting account already and I’ve usually found all the Perl modules that I’ve needed.

This is a first. I got another reply that dhows how I can install whatever I need from CPAN in my home dir. I’ll try that.