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I got this menu from a tutorial, http://www.devthought.com/cssjavascript-true-power-fancy-menu/ , and customized it according to my needs.


It works like a charm in Foxy, but IE7, well… Need I say more?

Now I face the really anyoing task of either giving up on it, or debugging it.

I really like it, so I rather not give up, but then again, I dont have a clue on debugging…


Does some one mind doing it for me, or atleast givng me some tips on on how to do it?

I did try…

Well the JS is external, so its hard to check unless you want to post it here.
One thing I did see is the height of your DIV “Fancymenu” is set to 29px, it needs to be a minimum of 45px just to display the menu items. Thats not including any clearance below the text.
On Microsoft’s website is some add ons for IE7. One of them called IE Developer toolbar will make it easier for you. This toolbar has a ruler and give the specs of your css, etc. This is how I knew the size of your menu.

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Thanks a lot silk, I managed to solve all my problems.

Glad to hear.

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