.js files aren't working

I’m having trouble getting .js files to read. I had to put the scripts in the .html.

Using .js (issue in question):

Scripts in html:

any ideas on how to get the .js to work?

It’s too late for me to confirm this, but the problem appears to be mixing XHTML and HTML.

<script type="text/javascript" src="/wolowski/tabtastic.js"></script>Should probably be

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First of all, Atropos is wrong about the use of the element. It should have a separate opening and closing tag.

In any event, it doesn’t matter because your document is being parsed as HTML (despite your DOCTYPE). Your HTML is completely invalid, mostly because of your failure to quote attribute values.

I think the problem must lie in the JavaScript. Perhaps you broke something when you split the code up into separate files?

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It works on my home machines but not on the server. I know the code is a little invalid and it’s being fixed. I was thinking it’s something on the server or something in the path attribute.

The .js came as seperate files. I strung them back together. So I’m sure it’s not the .js files.

Ugh, it was to late for me last night to pursue it futrther, I meant to delete my previous post because of something I noticed…

JavaScript Console throws an error that AddStyleSheet is not defined. This is a function called in the tabtastic.js file. So Firefox was obviously loading the JS files…

…but not all of them. addcss.js hasn’t been uploaded yet!

:cool: [color=#6600CC]Atropos[/color] | openvein.org

oh good call! thanks! I mispelled the casing on the file. well, not me but the person that actually wrote the script.