jQuery vs Dojo

I’m trying to make the decision between jQuery and Dojo Toolkit. I’ve always found making JavaScript functions compatible with all practical browsers to be too time consuming and stressful, so that’s my main reason for wanting to use a JS library. Second of all, it just seems like it could make scripts a lot easier to maintain and create in general. I’m looking forward to making some more interactive sites once I settle on one.

I like that Dojo has a lot of stuff built right into it, whereas with jQuery there seem to be too many plugins. I would really prefer updating the library by replacing just one big package instead of checking for various plugin updates constantly.

I have seen claims that Dojo has more features, like the charts and font creation (which I think are very neat actually), but it’s a little hard to say for sure if Dojo has anything that jQuery doesn’t since jQuery is so popular and there are so many 3rd party extensions for it.

In terms of the actual implementation, I find Dojo a little odd, how it uses its own attributes on the HTML tags and embeds elements within other objects. Technically I guess there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that, but I am a little concerned about the lesser browsers perhaps not displaying that properly.

Another thing to take into account is that this frequently referenced blog post shows Dojo as being a bit faster than jQuery: http://blog.creonfx.com/javascript/mootools-vs-jquery-vs-prototype-vs-yui-vs-dojo-comparison-revised It doesn’t look to me like the difference is significant, but if I use jQuery and start adding on a bunch of plugins perhaps it would become more noticeable. But that post also mentioned that some scripts from Dojo didn’t work in IE 8 which doesn’t look so good for my compatibility concerns. (Perhaps IE 8 was still in beta when that post was made?)

Does anyone care to share why they might prefer one or the other?