hi, i am having problem with the joomla installation. i do get the following error:

Template File Not Found! Looking for template:

and when refreshed i do get:

DB function failed with error number 1146
Table ‘db_tavares.jos_session’ doesn’t exist SQL=SELECT session_id FROM jos_session WHERE session_id = '721a98c5aaf67f2ded326f7a459da7c7’

SELECT session_id
FROM jos_session
WHERE session_id = ‘721a98c5aaf67f2ded326f7a459da7c7’

i need urgent help on this please, i deleted and reinstalled database and files x times now still no changes and i need to upload my site from my localhost.can someone get at me please this is the second or tird time i post about this problem without any assistance.
ps: my site is to clearly see whats going on

It ldoes looks like you have a bit of mess going on here! I’m a little confused about how you got there from reading your post.

Your first error is either a path or filename error, but that is not so much what worries me. Your errors when “refreshed” tend to indicate that your database table has a naming problem. This is complicated considerably by your statement that you have deleted and reinstalled that database several time as well as the files, and that you need to upload your site from “localhost”.

Did you develop this site somewhere other than DH, and are now trying to migrate it? Your installation has serious problems.

If you go to , while the "login screen will load (which should indicate the database connectivity is ok) if you attempt to login, you will be told that you have no administrators set-up. This is one indication that your installation is “borked”, as Joomla always installs a default administrator.

It appears as though you may have gotten you tables/prefixes messed up with your deleting and reinstalling the databases and files. DId you re-run, the install procedures? DId you drop the existing tables?

There are just too many things you could have done here to decipher how to “fix” it (urgent or not). You really should start with a “fresh” install that you know is good - If you are not really experienced with this stuff, I strongly suggest you do it via the DH supplied “one-click” install.

Short of you opening your site to an experienced Joomla developer, our at least your databases, I don’t know how anyone here can help you (and I don’t recommend that you do that.)

Have you tried the Joomla/Mambo Forums? A “quick” look there show similar situations with conflicting table prefixes. I suggest, before you give up and re-install, that you read thoroughly through the first screen of links provided by this google searh, and compare what you find to what you did - there are several suggested “fixes” there that users claim have worked for them, but they are slightly different depending upon each circumstance. One fix was as simple as running a “REPAIR table” query on the database, but all required a certain facility with phpMyAdmin.

If none of those solutions work for you, write back in more detail after comparing your config file with you database contents, and I’ll see if there is anything else I can suggest.