Joomla Weblink Component

i am wondering if anyone knows where i can find the weblink component for joomla maybe one that has been updated from the version that i am using. I used the one click install and all seems to work fines except my weblink component. The only extension i have added since the install is docman.

as for the weblink…it shows up fine in the web page but when i click on the actual link nothing happens…i get a javascript error in the bottom left of the browser.

i thought maybe i should reinstall that component and see if that works.

any input is always appreciated.
thank you.

my site is and it’s the links in the first menu.


The weblink component (com_weblinks) is a part of the Joomla! core and is distributed with the basic Joomla. As such it is not updated separately so there is no “updated version” available other than the one that is appropriate for the version of Joomla! you have installed.

Since you mentioned you used the “one-click” installer, you should be using Joomla! version 1.0.13, and the appropriate weblinks component should be installed automatically.

Looking at your site, it appears that your problem may be due to the way your template tries to use javascript to “ajaxify” the menus. For instance, clicking the “Links” in either the top or the main menu produced a non-loading page, but should you browse directly to the “weblinks” component via the browser address bar, using:

… then the component seems to want to load (I can’t tell for sure, since it informs me I have to “login” to view that resource and I don’t have an account). The fact that it at least reports that condition seems to indicate the component was loaded, while I couldn’t even get that message via the template “menu” javascript/ajaxy links. :wink:

if you configured Joomla! to only display the “weblinks” component for registered and logged in users, then it looks like the template may be the issue. If not (you have properly configured the weblinks component to be displayed for “all” users (public), then you may have a deeper problem.

My first suggestion is to use the Joomla! Admin section to (temporarily, at least) set the default template to one of those that shipped with Joomla!, and see if that makes you able to properly load the weblinks component. If it does, you have a template problem. If it doesn’t, something else is likely amiss.

Make sure you “refresh” and/or clear your caches (depending upon how you have Joomla! configured) when testing with one of the “default” templates that was shipped with Joomla! so you get accurate results for your tests.


I just did a little test by installing that template on my site. The ajaxy javascript is broken and doesn’t work for me either the template works fine, as does the “weblinks” component, with that stuff removed. :wink:


wow. first of all thanks for this great info. i changed the template and now i get must login to get this info as you did, and i Do have the weblinks component set to public.

it’s the category manager - weblinks (component) area, right ? i could not find anywhere else that i could set this to public.

i did hit refresh…but don’t know how to to the clear cache item.



Yes, it seems like you found the correct place to mark the weblinks “public”. And actually, it is now working for me…I can see the “Fulton County Schools” link just fine.

That said, when I “click” that link, it is broken. You have the actual link item entered incorrectly - as it is, it is trying to open a new window to another instance of the web link itself. :wink:

You need to “edit” that link item to put in a correct url to the Fulton schools (not to a place on your site!)

As for how to clear your cache, what browser are you using?





You are welcome! BTW, that template is “fixable” … if you just like the template, and don’t care about the “ajaxy” stuff, just edit the index.php file in the template folder and remove the loading of the un-needed javascript files (near the top of the page), and the javascript function calls (just before the end of the page) and you will have a functioning template that works fine (and faster) than the javascript/ajaxy thing was supposed to work. :wink:


well that worked beautifully. thank you. i now have the template i like and it works (as far as i know…)!


Good deal! You are welcome, and I’m glad you have it working the way you want! :slight_smile: