Joomla vs Pligg



State your cases please - which is the better structured, better performing, supported, and robust CMS, and why?


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To my way of thinking they are not even the same kind of thing. Pligg is a “digg” clone/workalike, while Joomla! is a general purpose CMS framework. I realize that Pligg calls itself a CMS, and it is, in a literal sense, but it is not what I generally picture when I think CMS.

I think one user’s description of Pligg is pretty accurate:

To me, one’s a fruit and the other is a vegetable. :wink:



Ah right, just from what i’d read on the Pligg site it was boasting about being a CMS… i’m glad i didn’t install it and give it a go… definitely not what I want.

Yeah, i pretty much hate social bookmarking sites.

And in that case, the debate is over… shot down by one man! :wink:

Thanks for the to-the-point summary!


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Joomla is a versatile CMS that can be tailored to almost anything. Pligg is a lot more specialized and is basically a clone of Digg.

Pligg for what it does is very good, mostly easy to use and would be a lot easier than setting up Joomla to do the same.

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