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I just saw the announcement for a Joomla upgrade. If I do the upgrade via one click installs will I have to re-install my joomla templates and components?

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That’s a hard one to answer, and it is also a consideration even if you upgrade it “manually”. Having upgrade several sites, my experience has been mixed.

It depends a lot on what you have installed, and what modifications you have made.It is also possible some of your components will “break” with the security enhancements included in the upgrade. This can’t be avoided if you wish to keep your site from being cracked; you will have to wait for/lobby the component authors to upgrade the component, and then install those upgrades.

I think the important thing here is that, with the Dreamhost “one-click” upgrades, if you don’t like the changes, you can simply delete the install directory and rename the DH provided “.old” directory as apporipriate (or delete files/subdirectories and copy the contents of “.old”, etc.) and you are back to where you were - no harm no foul.


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The best way to do this is to go to Joomla, and download the 1.0.10 to 1.0.11 patch. (If you’re on a Windows PC, you’ll want to get the .zip file) Extract the zip and then FTP them to your site. The patch does not contain any Templates, and won’t overwrite your Coms and Mods.

I’m not sure what the One-Click includes. May be the whole package, and not the patch which probably would overwrite your Templates.

Agreed! The “one” click does use the “full package”, so if you have made changes to the “default” templates Joomla comes with you would have to “re-copy” those from the “.old” archive directory that the one-click upgrade creates.

Another result of the “one-click” approach, is that you will need to delete the “installation” directory, which is re-created when the one-click installer does it’s stuff.

Either way works, and some find it easier to let “DH to the work” ;-).


I just did the 1.0.10 - 1.0.11 update manually and had no problems, although I spent some time with the .htaccess stuff to make sure nothing went wrong.

Prior to that I manually did a 1.0.7 - 1.0.10 update, and it went off without a hitch as well. It’s not hard, just unzip and then ftp.

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Just wondering if DH has the files somewhere locally on the server so that I can just copy the updated files into my directory.


You make it sound so easy. I am new to both Joomla and DH/Apache, etc. I guess I should go with the patch, seems like the least amount of damage if I screw up, but I need some step by step instructions specifically for DH. Where do I get the zip file, EXACTLY where to ftp it, etc.

I would feel much better if I knew how to backup and restore my Joomla site and all the files.

I’m frustrated because I got into Joomla because it was touted as being for the masses…

So the question is, where do I find instructions for the patch upgrade to DH, and where do I find instructions for backup/restore?