Joomla upgrade to 1.5



I notice that there is a Joomla upgrade available in one click installs: upgrade to 1.5

Anyone know how this works? anyone done the upgrade? My understanding is that joomla1.x and joomla1.5 are very differently coded, and that moving from one to another is fairly dicey…you have to upgrade any 1.x extensions and templates as well, and I forsee problems.

I tried joomla 1.5 on my mamp setup, and it’s pretty schweet, but I don’t want to break my site!



I’m going to go out on a limb here and say your site will likely break :frowning:

There are a couple of Joomla! Gurus here tho, so wait until they give their professional opinions and advice before discounting it.


I’m sure all they are doing is upgrading the core component - so you will be responsible for any 3rd party add-ons or modifications you might have made. I still find that there are plenty of add-ons that don’t support 1.5 yet.


I would not try and “upgrade” from 1.0.x to 1.5. It’s a total rewrite of the platform. You need to migrate. The database structure has changed. It’s like 2 forks, now.

Info on how to here:

I am surprised that Dreamhost has just flipped to 1.5 without keeping a 1.0.14 version for all their current Joomla users. Switching from one version to another is not trivial. Many current components and modules will not work in 1.5, possibly ever - even with Legacy Mode on.

You could use the DH installer to create your new 1.5 installation, however, and then migrate from your existing installation to the new one and future upgrades - through the one-click - should work.


Just a follow-up. DH is pretty clear about the upgrade instruction, if you install/upgrade from an earlier version:

[quote] 6 : Configuration
scroll down to ‘Load Sample Data, Restore, or Migrate Backed Up Content’

if you are upgrading from version 1.0.x, select ‘Load
Migration Script’

Old Table Prefix: jos_
CHECK 'I have already uploaded the migration script to the server (e.g. via FTP/SCP)'
CHECK ‘This script is a Joomla! 1.0 migration script.’

click ‘Upload and Execute’

Otherwise, select 'Install Default Sample Data’
click ‘Install Sample Data’

Site Name: (the name of your site)
Your E-mail: (admin email)
Admin Password: (pick a password)
Confirm Admin Password: (re-type password again)

click Next[/quote]
It won’t delete your existing site.


Disappointing that this thread stalled, before anybody who has actually done the DH upgrade could join the conversation.

I’ve got a Joomla! 1.0.8 site and want to migrate to 1.5.x. Plenty of fiddly customizations over a couple of years and there’s no way I could backtrack to redo them.

Do I press the DH upgrade button? (insert smiley face here)

Do I install a new dev domain, and make it live when it’s working. (very sad face here)


Yeah, I here your pain. I bit the bullet and took down the site for a weekend and upgraded it and then recreated the content. It sucks. Make sure that the components and modules that you have will work on 1.5.


Just so you guys know, there is a Joomla component called “mtwMigrator” that makes a migration to 1.5.x very easy. I mean sweet. I highly recommend it.

I have tested it and it is a delight. Easy to use and has a ton of neat features.