Joomla upgrade to 1.0.13? anyone done it?



has anyone upgraded their joomla install to 1.0.13 via the one click installs in the panel? I have Joomla! 1.0.12 Stable with php Version 5.2.3 one one site, and one with PHP Version 4.4.7, and another with PHP Version 4.4.8.

Second question…what’s up with the different php versions…should I be upgrading some of those?

How’d it go?



1.0.13 came out a while ago. Looks like July. I’m running it on a 5.2.2 site.

If you’re asking about PHP4 vs. PHP5, I’d go with 5 if your software will run on it. A bit more secure by default.



I guess my question is this: I have Joomla 1.0.12 running on a few different sites. If I go to one click installs in the panel, and click ‘upgrade to 1.0.13’. are my sites still going to work? I mean…upgrading can cause problems in some cases, right?

Especially since I seem to have multiple flavours of PHP software running on those sites.

Did you upgrade your joomla install via the panel? Did you run into any problems?



I did the one-click upgrade, and my very vanilla site still works.



I did it, and it caused issues, but that was due to a community builder plug-in issue. I back it out, and after that issue was fixed, I did the upgrade. No problems at all…