Joomla upgrade 1.5 donesn't work


hi guy it’s very strange that something to dh script doesn’t work… but joomla upgrade script one-click-install seems doesn’t work!



Wile I am not sure about this, I suspect that the “one-clicks” might not be working at all right now (maybe because of the cluster move that is still taking place).

I say this because several “one-click” operations seemed to just fail silently during the evening past … no success emails … just silence.

Maybe they are queued until the moved cluster is back up? I’m interested myself to see how DH implemented the Joomla 1.5 migration - as it is not as simple as previous “upgrades.”

I tried the “one-click” upgrade on one of my test Joomla! 1.3 “one-click” installs several hours ago, and while the Panel reported success, I have not received any email confirming that, and the application has not been updated as of yet.

I’m gonna wait a bit till I know the cluster move is over and any pending batches are likely to be run before I assume is really broken, though. :wink:



I’m now pretty sure things are just backed up … I just received a confirmation/success email on an update I did several hours ago.

Maybe yours is back in the queue, and will happen in a bit. :wink: