Joomla tmp and logs folder unwritable

Hello everyone

I am getting errors uploading extensions:

Warning: Failed to move file!
Unable to find install package

I have tried also to upload using both Install from directory and Install from URL and these options also fail.

I have contacted Dreamhost and have been advised that my temp folder is writable but when I look in Control Panel==>System information==>directory permissions i see that both are listed as unwritable

I have tried various changes to the paths in my configuration.php file to change the path to these files but no luck so far.

My path in the config file to these items is:


The folder permissions are set to 755

I have noticed that mycontrol panel at Dreamhost advises my tmp folder should be /home/username/logs/ but the parent folder logs has file permission set at 550 and I am unable to change this using FTP

Has anyone else come across this issue before of offer any assistance to resolve this please?