Joomla template install directory

Hi, my name is bit, first time poster… (the crowd goes wild)

Just getting my feet wet with joomla. The install went fine and now I’m looking at templates. When I find one I like and I want to install it, I suspect I go to joomla admin under Installers->templates-site, browse to the template package on my local system, then upload it.

I have a question on the install directory. It shows the default:


Will this work or should I remove “/.maka” like I did during initial setup, like this:


When I shell into my domain I can:
cd /home/.maka/myuser
cd /home/myuser
they both seem to work, but I’m not sure if I should remove the “/.maka” thingie from the default install directory in joomla admin page.


Yep! Remove that “.maka” thing (it’s a “dataglob” used by DH and could change on you). Everything will work fine without it, or with it, but if you use it and DH changes it on you, then things will break, so it is best to always omit it from any configuration paths.