Joomla/SMF Bridge

Hey, all. I just switched to DH and I’m having some trouble getting one of my sites migrated successfully.

I am using Joomla (not via One Click Install), with SMF and Orstio’s bridge. Everything seemed to be fine at one point yesterday, but then I started getting a session timeout error when trying to post or access the SMF admin area via the wrapped forum (direct access to the forum works fine).

I tried working through the issue with Orstio over at the SMF board but nothing worked, and the last suggestion (to add /php_flag register_long_arrays on/ to a local .htaccess file) doesn’t seem to be able to override the default DH configuration.

The site worked fine on my old host using PHP4.x, and thus I’ve switched that domain back to PHP4 for now (which resolved the issue). I’d prefer to use PHP5 moving forward, of course.

Has anyone managed to get this combination (Joomla 1.0.11, SMF 1.1RC3, bridge 1.1.6) to work on DH using PHP 5?


Should I take that as a “no”?


While I have not tried the combination of applications you have listed, if trying to set register_long_arrays = on, in order to test Orstio’s theory about the issues being a matter or register_long_array being off, is of interest to you, you can (relatively) easily set your domain up to use your own php.ini with DH pre-installed PHP (Version 4 or 5). While the wiki article discusses changing the maximun file upload size, the process is the same, with only the particulars of the php setting you want to change needing customization. :wink:

You can also install your own version of PHP with custom configuration options if you wish, though I think that is more difficult.