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I’m kinda-sorta-a-newbie.

Questions to this forum are:

  1. should I wait for the new Joomla version ? (someone mentioned table-less: what does that mean? no my-sql db?)
  2. I should mention I dislike upgrades which require schleping data from db to files. I have a lot of content, so if the Joomla 1.0.13 upgrade is data intensive, please let me know
  3. I want to use Rapid-Recipe, which means I need IonCube, but I can not tell from web sources if/how/when all these pieces fall together. Does anyone know.

Pls forgive a beginner’s intrusion. I just know I need your help to succeed.



That is not any easy question to answer, and the best answer really depends upon what you envision for the future for your site. Joomla! 1.5 has just been released in a “stable” version, and it is a significant “re-architecting” of the Joomla! code base. Many existing components will not work, at present, with the “new and improved” Joomla!, but the new architecture is considerably more flexible, and robust, than the older 1.x code base. I think it is the future of Joomla!, but many sites will likely continue to run the last stable 1.0 release (1.0.13) for quite some time to come, and that is fine.

The “table-less” reference about 1.5 does not mean that the “tables” in mySQL have been abandoned in any way, only that the code does rely on as many (if any) HTML tables to format output, and is therefore more semantic and flexible in the output generated.

The upgrade from Joomla! 1.0.12 to 1.0.13 is not overly severe, though some 3rd party components may need tweaking. Most of these components now have an updated version for 1.0.13, but that means the upgrade must be done in “steps” to insure that all components are upgraded to the same level that the Joomla! core uses, and that can get complicated for some.

As one user on these forums already pointed out, Community Builder is one such component. If you are considering upgrading to 1.0.13 from something older than 1.0.12, there are other considerations, such as the way that item-ids are handled being changed, which can impact your content linking.

All that said, 1.0.13 and 1.5 are likely to co-exist in the Joomla! world for quite some time, as they are actually very different animals at the “core” level, and some sites that are functioning well with 1.0.13 may not upgrade at all. :wink:

I already discussed that a little in your other thread, and there are some potential issues with that. :wink:

There is no need to ask for forgiveness or be apologetic at all for asking “good questions” in these forums; that’s what they are for! :slight_smile:



Then I’ve got a plan, Stan… Those <35 yrs pls see

stay with joomla 1.0.13, no add-ons. wait till the 1.5 thing & sundry issue settle down. deal with the fact that I have good (if not ultimate) solution. keep my content load to the core & sleep soundly…


Ha ha ha! That sounds like a very reasonable approach to take (and is actually pretty much what I am doing with several of my Joomla! sites) :wink:

That said, any new Joomla! site I build (that is not dependent upon any component not yet compatible with Joomla! 1.5) will be a Joomla1 1.5 site after a couple of weeks of “break in” time for the new release have passed … I don’t want to be on the “bleeding edge”, but I don’t want the future to pass me by either! :slight_smile:



Tableless? I don’t think so! I did the default install of 1.5 and it has tons of tables. Was there something that said they’ve mostly done away with tables?




You are absolutely correct that you will still see “lots” of tables in a stock Joomla 1.5 install! However, that is the result of the template in use rather than code in the Joomla “core”.

Note that I used “scare quotes” when I mentioned “tableless” in my earlier post; I was trying to clarify the situation for the OP, and I knew that “tableless” wasn’t completely accurate. :wink:

What is different, and what the Joomla! developers mean when they mention “tableless”, is that, in the previous Joomla! releases, there were “unnecessary” tables that were actually in the Joomla! core code that could not be “templated out”.

The new Joomla! 1.5 has eliminated these, so that a template can be created using pure CSS and avoiding these tables. That said, the overwhelming majority of existing Joomla! templates currently available are riddled with tables used for layout purposes. This means that, even if the Joomla! core is now essentially “tableless”, you won’t see the full benefit from that unless you use or build a template that doesn’t use tables. :wink:

There is quite a bit of discussion about all of this in the Joomla! community, if you feel inspired to wade through the forums and Joomla! interest sites. Compass Designs has a “sample chapter”, from an up-coming book, that discusses this in detail and provides a tutorial on making a “tableless” Joomla! template.

Edited to add additional link: There is also another interesting take on this on the Compass Designs blog.

Does that make any sense?



That makes sense, but after all that work in creating a tableless core that they’d use such antiquated code for their templates.



Just because I like data-completeness…

The purchased product Rapid-Recipe doesn’t need IonCube. Only the demo product does.

They’ve been working to get the website in tune with the new licensing, but obviously, there are some holes.


Thanks for the update, skitty! I have no problem with paying for a qualilty Joomla! component as long as I’m not tied to IonCube, and have full access to the code. :wink: