Joomla oneclick install question


I installed joomla with the oneclick software.
Got the success message of “success”.
Got the robot email of what to do to complete the installation.
Looked up DreamHost’s howto for specific instructions here:!

But when I go to I get the Problem Loading Page error, server not found.

I ftp’d in & checked, yes the files are there, yes they are in, not some other directory.


What step am I missing? Do I need to make the page “live” somehow?

Thanks for your help!

From your post, it looks as though the only step you might be missing is the “assumed” one where you “wait until your domain is reachable via DNS”.

Is this a new domain or a domain that was recently (withing the last day or two) changed to DreamHost hosting?

–rlparker seems to be registered through Network Solutions. Are you sure this is the right domain? What did you set for the nameservers for your domain?

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