Joomla one-touch

I used Joomla recently under the one touch functions and I’ve noticed that it just basically dies on occasion.

It started late last night and continues on into today, it will literally ‘die’ to the point where I can only get an error page telling me to email the admins…

Anyone know of any memory leaks that I could fix or what the heck is going on? Is this just the aftermath of the DDOS?

It’s still a current issue as of 11:54 am.

The problem isn’t the aftermath of a DDOS attack. What does the error page say? I’m betting it really says more than to contact the webmaster/admin.

–Matttail - personal website

That message can mean many things, though there is usually at least a numeric code displayed (as mattail noted).

It could be an issue with connecting to your database (you most likely have everything set up correctly, as it works most of the time - your database may be having problems on the DH side)

Can you post a link to the affected site?


I can’t even get to it 90% of today to even tell you the error anymore O.O

  • Rico -

Well, that url loads fine for me, and displays a Joomla! front page (using the jj Serenity template). :open_mouth:

I can’t see any problem with the site.


Seems to be working for me too. If you still can’t access the site trying clearing out your cache.

–Matttail - personal website