Joomla one-click update confusion

i received an e-mail advising that several of my joomla sites need upgrading to 2.5.17 from existing 2.5.14, however when i look at the one click update it seems to want to update me to a version 1.x, so I am confused! How do I proceed?


Hm, that shouldn’t happen! Can you email me (button below) with the domain you’re seeing this on?

e-mail sent…


It looks as though our records for what version of Joomla! you have installed may have gotten out of sync with what’s actually installed. To fix this, click the (new) “Sync Version” button on the install, and we’ll automatically pick up the real version you have installed and take note of that.

It looks as though your main domain is on Joomla! 2.5.14, which does need to be upgraded to 2.5.17. Once you’ve synced the version, that should show up as an available upgrade, and should work automatically.

It has now been over 24 hours since I synced and the status remains the same…