Joomla! one click install


Brand new account ( pristine )
1 click install of Joomla!
Have got as far as step 4) database and then get:

“Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL”

Anybody have anyidea what to look for?


Dave Blakemore


My guess is that the MySQL host had not yet appeared to DNS. This often happens with one-clicks that create a new database host; the install takes place faster than DNS can be updated.

The fix is really easy … just wait a bit (often less than an hour - sometimes only 10-15 minutes) and try the “finishing” install steps again (don’t re-do the “one-click”, just the emailed instructions).

One easy way to tell if the MySQL database host is “ready to rock” is to just browse to it in a browser. If DNS is updated and it can be reached, you will be presented with an apache authentication screen (and if you enter your db user/pass, you will be able to operate phpMyAdmin on that host).



That was the problem exactly…


Dave Blakemore