Joomla one click install problem

In my sites main directory I used to have a drupal site. I took it down tonight because I don’t have a PHP programming degree and nobody can seem to help me over on the drupal site or anywhere else in plain English. Instead, I decided to go with Joomla and utilize the one click Dreamhost install. Problem is, I have a folder in my main directory and in that folder is a wordpress blog. I did this because I formerly had a drupal site at, so the wordpress was put in a folder.

When I tried to install Joomla into my main directory I got this error message e mailed to me.

“The problem was directory /home/username/ is not empty! Please re-install, specifying an empty (or new) directory.”

Do I really have to make a new folder or clear out my wordpress blog? If so, that’s upsetting because I want Joomla to appear upon going to my sites main directory.

Can anyone help me out here?

I’ll suggest you to install joomla in a new empty folder.

I don’t quite understand. It seems you already have a blog in your main directory. And now you want joomla in your main directory.

However, you can still install joomla in a new folder and redirect user to joomla when they come to your site.

There are many ways to redirect users. You can try

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Hi, thank you for replying and I’ll clarify more.

My wordpress blog is in my sites main directory, however, it is in its own folder so you must go to to visit the word press blog. With Joomla, I want it to be located at, but its telling my I need to put a new folder in that directory. I had put drupal in that directory without a problem, but that was a manual install. I didn’t understand why it wouldn’t let me put Joomla in the same directory and thus be located at and not, or whatever I name the folder.

However, if I can redirect the folder to my domain name, I guess that would work also.

If you manually install Joomla!,as you did Drupal before, you can put it in any directory you want (including your /home/username/yoursite.tld/ directory) whether or not there are already any files or directories there (as long as there are no directory/filename conflicts). The “must be empty” requirement is a characteristic of the DH “one-click” system, I assume to prevent any existing directories that might have the same names as a directory Joomla! requires for m being overwritten. :wink:

As there are actually no directory name confilcts between these two applications, alternately, you can simply “move” the existing “WordPress” directory (home/username/yourdomaintld/ri?) to a location “above” your “web directory” (for instance, to /home/username/ri), temporarily, use the one-click installer to install Joomla!, and then “move” the “WordPress” directory back to it’s original location.

Either of these scenarios will work just fine, and is a much better solution than using re-directs to make various directories reachable via various urls.

If you really want to rely on the “one-click” installer, avoid the issue you are dealing with now, and avoid potential conflicting .htaccess files while using various one-click packages, in the future you might consider using your “base” web directory for your “main site” (like Joomla!) and using sub-domains (free at Dreamhost) for things like your blog (blog.yourdomain.tld) and gallery (gallery.yourdomain.tld), etc.