Joomla on server, now what?

I wanted to check out Joomla so I followed the Dreamhost directions and put it on my server. This is gonna sound stupid to you techies but I have to ask, “now what?” How do I use it? Where is the interface? I’ll continue to search for the answer but if you would be kind enough to shorten my learning curve, I would be extremely appreciative. I want to spend time playing with Joomla to see if it’s appropriate for me but I’m spending my time in the acronym soup. Thank you

If you did the One-Click install, the install robot would have sent you email with instructions on how to get started. Here’s what they typically send:

We just installed the files for Joomla as requested at:

Now visit the site to finish your installation with these settings:

1 : Language
select ‘en-GB - English (United Kingdom)’ and click Next

2 : Pre-installation Check
click Next

3 : License
click Next

4 : Database
Database Type: mysql
User Name: DB_USER
Password: DB_PASS
Database Name: DB_NAME

click Next

5 : FTP Configuration
click Next

6 : Configuration
scroll down to ‘Load Sample Data, Restore, or Migrate Backed Up Content’

if you are upgrading from version 1.0.x, select ‘Load Migration Script’

Old Table Prefix: jos_
CHECK 'I have already uploaded the migration script to the server (e.g. via FTP/SCP)'
CHECK ‘This script is a Joomla! 1.0 migration script.’

click ‘Upload and Execute’

Otherwise, select 'Install Default Sample Data’
click ‘Install Sample Data’

Site Name: (the name of your site)
Your E-mail: (admin email)
Admin Password: (pick a password)
Confirm Admin Password: (re-type password again)

click Next

7 : Finish
You’re almost done! FTP to your site and remove the "installation"
directory. Then click the link at the top for "Admin"
and log in as “admin” with the password you just set.

Have fun! If you need help, there’s a help area in the Admin section,
as well as the official forums here:

The Happy DreamHost Installer Robot


Thanks Scott, I got that far successfully last night (Sat.). But now I’ve looked around at PHPmyAdmin, manage mySQL, my database, and I can’t find the “begin.” help.joomla shows it begins with “Landscape Smart.” How do I get there?

Joomla! is one of those open source projects that has a great set of documentation, and even has it broken down by experience level and purpose. All of the official documentation is at

Here is a great place to start.

–DreamHost Tech Support