Joomla newbie

I’m reading about Joomla and it looks interesting.

I currently use some web dev software to create web pages, most are static pages that I upload when I need to change them.

I’m looking to replace this software with Joomla, as I’ll be able to edit pages from any Web browser (which I assume joomla allows you to do)

If I install joomla using one-click install on my site, i am concerned what folder I should install it? does it matter what folder I choose? example ?

I don’t want my pages being etc.

If Joomla will be your main site, leave the folder part blank so it’ll be

Joomla is quite a handful. As a CMS, it’s quite complex. If your site is a low key information site, WordPress works very well for this, as it can serve up page content rather than blog posts. WordPress has a WYSIWYG editor which works very well for editing pages.


Thanks. If I already have an existing site,so will installing joomla at (no folder) mess up my existing default page?

If you have an existing site, the installation will abort because the directory isn’t empty. If you want to make Joomla your default site, rename your folder to example.sav and create a new folder that’s empty.

If you want Joomla to be sub to your main site, then go ahead and install it to its own joomla folder.


Yes, I ended up installing it to a new folder, I’ll figure out a way to later on to “move” it to the main folder. I’ll get familiar with it first, and hopefully my newbie questions will answer themselves later I am using it. Thanks

You can leave it where it is and then edit your Fully Hosted Domain settings to use that folder as the main folder. Then you’ll just have to go through Joomla and update site paths accordingly.