Joomla module save/close /apply

I am trying to make simple changes to code I have on a module. After I make the changes and click save nothing happens. If I click save, close, or apply nothing happens. The only way I can get out of it is to hit the back key. This happens on any module I try to update. If I go to global settings the buttons work fine. Can anyone help me solve this problem.


If there is no error message on the page, please have a look at your log files /home/YOURUSERNAME/logs/YOURDOMAIN. You may find some information over there.

It’s a tough issue to troubleshoot without access to your admin panel, though it does seem to be a somewhat common issue. I found a few possible reasons listed here: Hope that takes care of it for you.

Good work, DH staff. It is really pleasing that you are looking for solutions for us. Thumbs up!