Joomla Module (inside content) won't print

i am using joomla 1.5.3.

i have been trying to lay out a newspaper style article and thought I had done it, but not so fast.

My layout of the article consists of a nested table. The top contains the newspaper logo.

The rest of the table consists of basically two sides. The left is for the newsletter content and the right contains my gcal upcoming events module by using {loadposition modulename}.

Bottom line is that it looks as I want it to, BUT when I print it out, it omits the module information that is displayed nicely on the screen.

When I didn’t do a nested table it printed out perfectly, but I just couldn’t get the newsletter side to line up the way i wanted it to. Also, the red highlighted area turned blue on the preview…what does that mean?

Anyway, anyone know how to get my module display to print along with the rest of the article?

Thank you.