Joomla migration using Akeeba

I have never transferred a website using ftp. I’m using FireFTP to transfer a Joomla site using Akeeba backup. I’ve read through Joomla’s documentation:
and have run into a few issues so far.

  1. according to their documentation, everything should be placed in a httpdocs folder that already exists. There is no such folder.
  2. I loaded the backup file and the Akeeba files according to the above link but when I go to shows to complete the Akeeba installation like it shows in the above link.
  3. the documentation says I need to view the information in configuration.php…but this file also does not exist.

I just attached the domain to the hosting account a few hours ago. Is this part of the problem? Has anybody else done an Akeeba migration for Joomla and can provide some assistance? If you’ve transferred another way, I’d love to hear about that as well. Thanks in advance!

If you are using FireFTP you are still using an old version of FireFox.
The new FireFox does not support FireFTP,

BUT GET FileZilla, 100% FREE and Open Source,
It probably has nothing to do with you current problem, but look into it.
Also ONLY do SFTP (secure for hacking), FileZilla supports it and DreamHost RECOMMENDS it.

Thank you for your response. I reloaded using FileZilla. And for anybody else with the Akeeba Kickstart problem, I used the Akeeba Extraction program instead and did an FTP transfer with FileZilla. A few more questions for anyone who can help. All the files are now there and I want to make sure it loaded correctly…nothing broken. She (friend I built this for) currently has the site redirected but when I go under the domain, it doesn’t show it is redirected. How can I take the redirection off so I can see if the site is good and nothing broke over the transfer? Also, do I need to click the “restore” button for the new files to show?