Joomla Menu Item



I am learning Joomla! and experiencing frustration…
Some of the items in my main menu are underlined and i don’t know how to get rid of that. I did rename the mainmenu to something else, and also renamed ‘home’ as well and now I can’t see the menu parameters that I thought I saw before.

Should I show you the link to my site?

Thank you for any help here. I have checked joomla forums but haven’t found anything under this topic and i am spending hours on this little detail…



Underlining sounds like a theme setting via CSS. I’m guessing it’s the links that are underlined.

None of mine are, and mine’s the generic one-click install. I’ve not modified a thing, including content.

What’s your URL?



when i wrote my post a few items were underlined…now just one is…i am baffled… let me know what you think?



ok…i see that it is the visited links that show up with the underlines…i guess i can look for that in the css?




You either fixed it, or I’m just not finding it. But, yes, that’s a CSS issue.