Joomla Mail Settings

I’m running a Virtuemart site with Joomla 2.5. My Virtuemart is not sending e-mails or replies to purchases. I’m assuming that the issue is with my mail settings in Joomla. I’ve tried using PHP mail, Sendmail, and SMTP, but none of them seem to be working correctly.

Could someone confirm the proper settings for mail in Joomla on Dreamhost?

My next step is to install some other extension and see if it works from that.

Second step accomplished… Installed Phoca Email and tried to use it to send an e-mail. It says it succeeded, but then it was never delivered.

I’m beginning to wonder if there isn’t some kind of outgoing email issue so that sites don’t just start spamming.

ok, I figured out my issue. There’s a setting in VirtueMart that says “Use vendor e-mail address”. It was using the email address we had set as the store e-mail, not the address defined by the system configuration settings. This meant that the Dreamhost outgoing spam and spoofing filter was stopping the e-mail because it said the mail was coming from a gmail address, not my site address. Unchecking that fixed my problem.

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