Joomla Legacy Plugin


I just installed Joomla and I’m trying to install an add-on which requires me to enable the legacy plugin but when I go to the plugins section the legacy plugin in the listing is gray and unclickable, so I can’t activate it. Anyone know the solution to this problem?


Are you running the latest Joomla One-Click? Mine is 1.5.9 and the Legacy plugin can be turned on. Does yours have the red X icon in the Enabled column? And green check marks for other plugins? I don’t have a single greyed out plugin in the entire list. How about you?

My installation is a standard Advanced One-Click with only one module added (Calendar). I don’t use it so I’ve not modified the site, other than the calendar.

Here’s my entry for Legacy:

Plugin Name Enabled Order Access Level Type File ID

1 System - Legacy Public system legacy 29



Yes it’s the latest version, I just installed it last night through the one-click install panel. All the plugins listed have a green check mark on the right of them but #15-32 on the plugin manager list are grayed out, so I can’t enable any of them.(screenshot 2)

Error msg that I get when I try to install the plugin is this
"Your Extension appears to be written for an older version of Joomla!. You must enable the System - Legacy Plugin in the Plugin Manager if you wish to complete this task"