Joomla Installation help


I installed Joomla on my site ( not yet up, but i messed up. It said i couldn’t go any further without deleting the installation index. I don’t/didn’t know how to do that and it wouldn’t let me log in on admin.

I un-installed it and tried to install it again. It doesn’t seem to have installed again. it gives me the option to create a new database. should I? Or what?

Please help.


Did you install via One-Click?

To uninstall Joomla:
1 remove Joomla installation folder from your directory.
2 remove database created during installation if any

To reinstall, go to DH panel --> Goodies --> One-Click Installs. When you see the option to create a new database, you can use an existing database or create a new one for Joomla. Usually we suggest to create a new database for Joomla.

Note: You can manage Joomla database via DH panel --> Goodies --> Manage MySQL

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Yes I did. Thanks that helped a lto.

but how do I delete the file directory???


Use an FTP/SFTP program to log into your domain directory, or use WebFTP. In Manage Domains, there’s a WebFTP link next to your domain name. Use that to get into folder, then you can delete that Installation directory.