Joomla install


im having trouble installing joomla to my site the hostname is whats throwing me off. i barely know waht a DNS is let alone assigning it to my site. i downloaded joomla to my computer and could probably just upload it locally but i dont even know how to do that. any suggestions


Your life will be better if you go to the Panel and look under Goodies for One-Click and select the Advanced Install section. Joomla is available there and you’ll be up and running quickly and with less pain.

First, make sure you’ve set up a Fully Hosted domain (or subdomain). Then go to the One Clicks and install it to your desired (sub)domain. Scroll down a bit and create a new database and database Hostname (if you don’t have one already; I call mine and database user. Then click Install and in 10-15 minutes, you’ll get an email giving you directions how to finish the setup.



I’ve nearly completed the joomla install. I get to the last page, and can’t manage to log in to the ftp. I tried from both mozilla and explorer, thinking maybe that was what was wrong. I keep getting the message that my username and password are wrong. If I somehow wrote them down wrong, how do I retrieve them?


I didn’t think that Explorer, and maybe even Mozilla could do an FTP login with a username and password. Looking back at an old install of mine, there’s a Step 4 that tells me to FTP in and remove the installation directory.

You’d have to FTP in using the Domain owner you chose in the Panel when you created the Fully Hosted Domain. For quick access, you can go to the DreamHost Panel, under Domains -> Manage Domains and click the WebFTP link to log in. That same Domains screen shows you the username associated with that installation. If you’ve totally forgotten that user’s password, you can reset it under Users -> Manage Users in the panel.